8/21/2014  Previous review Awesome awesome awesome! Did I say awesome? Great baked goods,  wonderful customer service,  reasonable prices for a small but big hearted bakery, and overall,  you guessed it,  AWESOME!!!

My wife struggles for desserts due to her condition, and yesterday was her birthday. It's not a birthday without a cake. My wife had tried the baked goods from Voila before,  from previous family events, but we ourselves had never bought anything from there, Anyway,  I call John the day before and say I need a gluten free dairy free cake and need it by tomorrow. When I tell you John didn't blink I mean he didn't blink. He asked all the necessary questions to bake what i want (I'm dumb creatively), and when he stated the price? I wanted more,  so I bought cupcakes on top!!!

The end result was phenomenal and the 1 hour drive was worth it. The cake was delicious and the cupcakes were to die for. My wife was beyond ecstatic just at the presentation alone,  and the kisses didn't stop!  ;0) so thank you John and Julia for a delicious product, wonderful friendly service, and the rewarding kisses i got from my wife! Please keep up the AWESOME job and passion! It clearly shows in your product! Read less

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